Vision & Mission

Values & Mission

We envision strong communities united by arts and culture.

Vision Statement
Strengthening our communities through arts & culture

Mission Statement
Northwest Folklife creates opportunities for all to celebrate, share, and participate in the evolving cultural traditions of the Pacific Northwest.

Core Values

  • Northwest Folklife believes the arts revitalize people and communities, and is dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage and its continued growth and development.
  • Northwest Folklife understands that everyone is a bearer of folk arts and that it is as important to participate in the arts as it is to observe them.
  • Northwest Folklife encourages communities to share their cultural arts, believing that interaction with new audiences enriches the community as much as the audience. When people share aspects of their culture, opportunities are created to dissolve misunderstandings, break down stereotypes and increase respect for one another.
  • Northwest Folklife relies on the diverse communities of the Pacific Northwest to inspire programs and collaborates with these communities to develop public presentations of their culture.

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