Board & Staff

Board of Directors

Luther F. Black, President
Marine Environmental Analyst

Rafael Maslan., Vice President
Licensed Massage Practitioner

Harvey Niebulski, M.D., Vice President
Radiologist, Group Health Cooperative

Karen White, Vice President
Dance Aficionado and former City Code Compliance Director

Michael Richardson, Secretary
Professor of Radiology, University of Washington

Ann Suter, Treasurer
Principle, Prizma

Kim Camara, Seattle Public Schools Native Education Program; Native American arts/cultural project developer/grant writer

Don Morgan, Retired Hospitality Manager

Brian Robertson, Historical consultant

Karen Shaw, Psychologist, Cultural Organization Leader

Jabi E. Shriki, Associate Professor of Radiology, University of Washington; Musician/Community Organizer

Susan Songer, Traditional Arts Practitioner

Dan Watson, Arts Educator, Philanthropist, Innovator of Youth in the Arts

Selena Whitaker-Paquiet, Actor, Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Comic; Intellectual Property Paralegal

Northwest Folklife is an independent nonprofit which produces the annual Northwest Folklife Festival and other year-round programming in order to strengthen communities through arts and culture.

We are currently seeking potential candidates for board committees and director positions. Board members with financial, fundraising, legal and marketing expertise are being sought, as well as those who can provide connections to Folklife communities and/or companies. We are also recruiting non-board participation in committees including Marketing, Development, and Finance. All positions require a monthly commitment of time for meetings, individual work and attendance at a variety of events. 

Are you interested in helping govern Folklife’s present and planning for our future? Please click here to read background materials for board prospects and committee descriptions. If you are interested in being considered for board membership, or would like more information, please write to



To contact staff, please use the links below, or email

Michael Chandler
Festival & Production Director
Folklife is one of the few all-ages, FREE events that people from all walks of life can enjoy; making that happen is a good thing. I also work at many other arts festivals and events in town. I am a photographer, a screen printer, and a professional enabler.
mike @


Kelli Faryar
Programs Director
I love learning everyday about new cultures, traditions, instruments and local performers.  I enjoy roller skating to Olivia Newton-John records, decoupage and rockin’ out on the guitar.
kelli @


Chris WeberChris Webber
Programs Specialist
I love Northwest Folklife for showcasing the diversity of our areas cultural traditions while also acting as an incubator for new and more involved arts & culture audiences. In my free time I consume and enjoy and organize as much arts & culture as possible.
Chris @

Annie O’Dowd
Operations Manager & Technical Director
I relish the “choose your own adventure” aspect of Folklife. When I am not logisticizing for Folklife, you can find me organizing several other festivals at Seattle Center and drinking tea!
anne @


KatieKatie McColgan
Sponsor/Merchant Coordinator
Folklife is unlike any other festival I’ve come across in that it is accessible to all and powered by the community.  I feel very privileged and fortunate to be a part of this year’s celebration.  In my free time I enjoy rock climbing, baking and exploring new places.
Katie @


Beth Schlansky
Special Projects Coordinator
The Northwest Folklife Festival is my favorite event of the year. I love getting to see all my friends from various parts of the country and the world. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering for cat rescue organizations and being a season ticket holder for both the Seattle Opera and the Seattle Mariners.
beth @


Sheila SidenSheilaSiden
Development Director
I believe in the power of art to connect people and bridge cultures. Northwest Folklife is a recipe for world peace, bringing together artists and audiences of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities to create and participate. My own artistic adventures include painting, photography, and occasional improv.
Sheila @


Corin Shelley-Reuss
Office and Donor Services Coordinator
To me, Northwest Folklife is a unique opportunity to bring together people from across the world to enjoy and learn about their culture in a venue unlike any other in the world. In my spare time I enjoy reading, skiing and traveling to the far corners of the earth.
corin @


ChrisChris Roberts
Accounts Payable
I’m looking forward to working for such a great organization that supports the arts. I really respect the people who have kept this festival running for all of these years, providing a venue for so many talented performers. My pastimes include painting, gardening, camping and listening to/playing music.
chrisr @


JudyJudy Terreberry
Finance Director
I think the world is a better place because of organizations like Folklife! I spend my spare time playing violin with Philharmonia Northwest, working with Chamber Music Madness, and quilting. (I also try to find time to visit with Mr. Sevcik…)
judy @


Rob Townsend
Executive Director
Creating opportunities for folks to come together in the enjoyment and celebration of arts at Folklife is a great privilege.  The odd off hours might find me walking, woodworking or spending time with family and friends.
rob @



Phil O’Sullivan
phil @
PR and Media Relations
michelle @
Glenn Young
Consultant on Resource Enhancement (CORE)
glenn @
501 Commons
Technical Support