This question from Brendan is one we get all the time. He writes: So..How does one person or band get booked at the Festival? Northwest Folklife is a celebration of how traditions and cultural arts are kept alive in the Northwest. So, first of all, a band or performer must be based in the Northwest to perform at the Festival. [...]

Here’s a straightforward question that came in from Emily: “I’ve never attended Folklife. Can I see a schedule from a past year?” Why yes, you can Emily! We are working on putting up an archived version of the 2012 Festival website, but meanwhile you can take a look at the souvenir Festival guide online here, or you can download your [...]

With  the launch of our refreshed website, we’re excited to offer a new feature: Ask Folklife a Question. With this easy tool, we invite you to ask us anything you’d like to know about the annual Festival and year-round organization. Why is the Festival always held on Memorial Day Weekend? What’s it like to have an office at Seattle Center? [...]