Meet our Community Coordinators

Community Coordinators are an integral part of Northwest Folklife’s mission and vision to celebrate, share, and participate in the evolving traditions of the Pacific Northwest. Throughout the year, Northwest Folklife and Community Coordinators work in partnership to co-curate programs and collaborate to present the diversity of cultures and traditions of the region. As experts and representatives of their community, their input is an invaluable part of the planning process.

More than 100 Community Coordinators work closely with staff to program more than 65% of the Northwest Folklife Festival and our year-round programming. This is achieved through careful consideration of the unique needs of the community, artists, and audience, as well as reflecting on how to adequately grow and embrace the ever-changing cultural traditions and landscape of the region. These are ongoing conversations, and the ensuing relationships grow deeper year by year, requiring year-round programming staff to maintain, nurture and grow.

The goal for this program is to strengthen our relationship with the multitude of communities we serve through existing connections we have with Community Coordinators. With this, we can better understand how Northwest Folklife’s mission can support their community’s goals and further develop a program of reciprocity that will enrich the region’s diverse communities through multi-cultural participatory arts programming.

During its forty-five years, Northwest Folklife has been involved with an extraordinary group of communities throughout the Pacific Northwest. Northwest Stories combines images and sounds that tell a community’s story in its own words. The first group of Northwest Stories is a series of eight videos with Community Coordinators that explore communities that have long been a part of the annual Northwest Folklife Festival. Listen, watch and learn more here.

Northwest Folklife is curated in collaboration with Community Coordinators. Thank you to these amazing leaders!