About the Washington State Labor Council

laborcouncilThe Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO represents over 450 unions and 400,000 union workers. It is the voice—the political, policy, and solidarity locus—for the labor movement in Washington state.

The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO (WSLC) works with and through unions that voluntarily join or affiliate and Central Labor Councils that work on regional issues throughout the state.  We represent workers in industry, education, agriculture, the building and construction trades, federal, state, and local government, health care, transportation, grocery stores, the maritime trades, hotels and restaurants, the arts and entertainment, and so much more… Union workers are everywhere!  The primary function of the WSLC is to advocate for laws and policies that promote economic and social justice for all working people and their families.  We know that the surest route to higher wages, health care benefits, a secure retirement, sick leave, and respect and dignity on the job is when workers organize and have a voice. That’s why we fight for the ability for working people to join together and bargain to secure the best working conditions.

The Labor Movement in Washington State has a long and proud tradition.  Since before Washington became a state, organized labor has worked to establish an eight hour day, abolish child labor, reward equal work with equal pay, and secure unemployment insurance and workers compensation. In the years since the Federation of Labor and the Congress of Industrial Organizations chapters in Washington united to form the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO in 1957, it has been one of the strongest champions in the Evergreen state for improvements to the lives of workers.

Today, in keeping with that great tradition, the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO continues to work with community allies to protect and strengthen the rights and conditions of people in this state.  We fight for wages people can live on, and time for workers to spend with their families.  We work for safe workplaces and neighborhoods, excellent public education systems, and transportation options that look to the future as well as the present.  We want every worker to be treated respectfully and fairly on the job. We want child care, quality health care, and transportation systems and know these are staffed by our friends and neighbors who care about their work. We want retirement to be a time of dignity and economic security. We want an end to the exploitation and unfair treatment of immigrant workers. We seek to elect people to office who will champion these values, and we work hard to promote policies, legislation, and initiatives that will build our economy and advance our communities.

The Washington State Labor Council is a democratic, voluntary, non-profit organization. We welcome all to read Labor’s online newspaper – www.TheStand.org to find the most up to the date information on our current priorities and struggles.

Lynne Dodson


Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO