2011 Cultural Focus: Northwest Stories

For the 40th Northwest Folklife Festival, we presented Northwest Stories, a collaboration with local storytellers, poets, writers, singers, and dancers who told their stories using different forms—narratives, music, dance, and images.

As part of Northwest Stories, we’ll  present eight short videos highlighting communities that are part of the annual Festival. These videos are themselves short stories that explore different aspects of groups in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks in part to a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, local videographer Doug Plummer, along with the Programming Department staff, produced the videos. Northwest Folklife will be posting one video each month.

The first of the eight Northwest Stories concerns the Skandia Folkdance Society, a dance group that performed at the first Northwest Folklife Festival in 1972. Throughout the years, Skandia has been an integral part of the Festival. This documentary tells the story of the Skandia Ball, the Society’s annual fall celebration.

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