Where to Shop

Crafts / Uncommon Market / Sidewalk Artists / Folklife Merchandise / Performer Recordings


-Craft Vendors-

Full list of Craft Vendors coming soon!

-Sidewalk Artists-

Full list of Sidewalk Artists coming soon!

-The Uncommon Market-

The Uncommon Market has multiple locations around the Festival and features imports, packaged foods and more.

-Folklife Merchandise-

Do you sell t-shirts?
We sell t-shirts, hats, bags, magnets and more at two souvenir booths located on Seattle Center grounds. See the Festival Map for exact locations.

I can only make it to the Festival on Sunday, but I really want Friday’s commemorative button. What should I do?
Commemorative Folklife Festival buttons are available for a suggested donation of $10 at Festival Services (located on the third floor of the Center House).

I loved one of the performances I saw! Can I pick up a CD by the artist?
Some artists sell CDs and other merchandise from the stage on which they play. Read more about artist CDs and the former Folklife Store here.