Indie Roots

BECUNorthwest Folklife is pleased to announce more Indie Roots music than ever for the 2013 Festival! Due to popular demand and a growing number of emerging roots-inspired Festival applicants, Folklife has expanded their Indie Roots programming across five stages, in place of the single Indie Roots Stage at Broad Street that has become a central point of the Festival since its launch in 2011.

flowmotionNorthwest Folklife considers “indie roots” to be bands from the region that assimilate the classic elements of folk and Americana music—banjos, acoustic guitars, Appalachian harmonies, country twang—into a more modern, pop sound.

Showcases and musicians will perform on the Fountain Lawn Stage, at the Xfinity Mural Amphitheatre, in the Alki Court, at The VERA Project, and on the KBCS Fisher Green Stage.


Indie Roots Showcases

Fin Records Showcase

Friday, May 24th on the Fountain Lawn Stage from 6:00 – 9:00PM
Folklife is thrilled to have Ballard’s Fin Records coming on board to the Indie Roots communities this year to showcase some of the best local Indie Roots sounds. Line-up includes The Lures, Davidson Hart Kingsberry, Red Jacket Mine, and—recently returning from SXSW—Low Hums.


Ball of Wax Showcase

Saturday May 25th in the Vera Project from 7:00 – 10:00PM
Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly was founded in 2005 by Levi Fuller to document and shed light on some of the wonderful music he saw being made all around him, much of which without any fanfare, press, or radio play. The hope was that this series of compilation CDs and the release events associated with each would be a way to build community among musicians, whether local to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest or from across the United States and the world, while hopefully bringing their music to an audience that might not otherwise have stumbled upon it.
This showcase features four bands spanning Ball of Wax’s existence: Louis O’Callaghan of Sun Tunnels (previously The Graze) has been a regular contributor since Volume 2; Jon Rooney of Virgin of the Birds‘ first Ball of Wax song appeared on Volume 5, and his work appears on 31, the most recent installment; Gems are a recent edition to the Ball of Wax circle, but have made up for lost time, with back-to-back contributions on volumes 29 and 30; and The Great Um is relatively new to the fold as well, although members Caleb Thompson and Robb Benson have appeared on many volumes over the years.


Giddy up: Country Roots

Sunday, May 26th on  the Fountain Lawn Stage from 6:30 – 9:00 PM
Bring your spurs and whiskey to the Indie Roots Giddy Up showcase featuring the best of local country: Country Lips, Ganges River Band, Annie Ford Band and Ole Tinder.


NoDepressionAmerican Standard Time Showcase

Monday, May 27th on the Fisher Green Stage, 4:00-7:00pm
Some of the best names in roots music (and gospel!) will be hitting the stage during the Indie Roots American Standard Time Show, hosted by KEXP’s Roadhouse radio host Greg Vandy: The Slide Brothers, The Sumner Brothers, Crow Quill Night Owls and The Sojourners! Sponsored by No Depression.


Folk, Redefined

Sunday, May 26th at the Mural Amphitheatre from 12:45 – 3:30PM
Enjoy a mix of laid back and toe-tapping folk music. During the the Folk, Redefined Showcase your ears will be delighted by sweet vocal harmonies and string arrangements brought to you by The Washover Fans, Grand Hallway, The Local Strangers and Adam Foley and The Overtones.


Wide Open Spaces Showcase

Monday, May 27th on Fisher Green Stage from 1:00 – 3:30PM
This showcase brings you both talented instrumentalists and songwriters in a combination of roots and folk, guitars and upbeat lyrics. The line-up is made up of Pepper Proud, Tara Stonecipher & The Tall Grass, Br’er Rabbit and Blvd Park.


Sing Your Roots Showcase

Saturday, May 25th at the Vera Project from 3:30 – 6:00PM
Everything you love about raw folk, roots music combined into one Saturday afternoon showcase. Jon Pontrello, Apartment Lights, j.wong and Mike Dumovich bring original songwriting built from guitars, piano, rich vocals and individual experience.


Team Up for Non-Profits Showcase

Saturday, May 25 from 1:00-4:00pm on the Fountain Lawn Stage.*New!*We are delighted to welcome aboard Team Up for their first year as co-presenters of Indie Roots artists. In partnership with Artist Home (producers of the Doe Bay fest) and with sponsorship by BECU, Team Up has curated a showcase of the best up-and-coming indie bands of the Northwest. Don’t know them yet? You will. Featuring Shelby Earl, Song Sparrow Research, Bradford Loomis and St. Paul de Vence.