Special Attractions

Check back in May for more details! Here is a preview of some special attractions at the 2013 Festival:


Family & Hands-On Activities

Play games, sing songs, and make crafts in the family activities area, known as The Commons! Centrally located this year on the Fisher Terrace, The Commons offers activities that are fun and accessible to children, teens, parents, and grandparents. Games and crafts are hosted by Pacific Northwest organizations and community members. Come see and learn about their local year-round activities!

Indie Roots Music Programming

This year, all across festival grounds, you can find some of the best Northwest independent artists actively rebuilding traditional and folk influences into a new indie sound.

All Ages / All Day

Folklife celebrates youth voices from around the Northwest with the All Ages |All Day programming inside of the EMP’s Sky Church on Sunday, May 26th.

Cultural Focus: Washington Works

Each year for the Northwest Folklife Festival, we select a Cultural Focus. The Cultural Focus provides Northwest Folklife’s staff the opportunity to learn more about a particular group or community, to share that knowledge with the public, and to make deep and lasting friendships with community members. For the 2013 Festival, the Cultural Focus will be Washington Works, exploring various aspects of occupational folklore in the Northwest.

Living Green Courtyard

The Living Green Courtyard offers Festival attendees the chance to visit eco-friendly companies, browse environmentally friendly goods and learn how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.