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When Will the 2013 Schedule be Ready?

Check back in May for our complete 2013 schedule and mobile app.

A complete PDF, ready to print at home, AND our online tool with a customizable schedule will be online the first week of May. Stay tuned for the exact date!

You can swing by our offices in Seattle Center to pick up a copy, and look for other distribution locations (like libraries) on our website, beginning May 15.

The printed souvenir Festival guide will be available as an insert in many editions of the Seattle Times on Thursday, May 24.

4 Responses to When Will the 2013 Schedule be Ready?

  1. Gordon Brackett says:

    Uhhhh, today is May 19th, so when WILL the 2013 Schedule be ready?

  2. ROSIE says:


    • Ryan says:

      Festival programming begins at 11am and concludes at 10pm from Friday until Sunday. The Festival runs from 11am until 9pm on Monday. Food vendor hours may vary. The 2013 dates are May 24-27.

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