Folklife Cafe

1:00pm-1:30pm – Mark Kailana Nelson

Slack Key Guitar and Ukulele

1:40pm-2:10pm – LaChroma

Full Color

Charlotte Martin Theatre

11:25am-11:45am – Laszlo Orban & Forras

Transylvanian Fiddler

11:45pm-12:05pm – Rebecca Lomnicky

Trad Scottish Fiddler

12:05pm-12:25pm – Ramon Selby

Old-Time & Swing Master

12:40pm-1:00pm – David Kaynor

New England Contra Fiddle

1:20pm-1:40pm – Marty Dahlgren

NW Old-Time Swing Master

1:40pm-2:10pm – Kevin Burke

Irish Fiddle Legend!

7:00pm-7:30pm – E.T. & the Boy

Super Short Leftist Songs

9:30pm-10:00pm – Rebel Voices

Topical Punch

Fisher Green

11:00am-11:40am – Yuqin Wang & Zhengli Xu

Dragon Art Puppet Theatre

4:00pm-4:30pm – The Seatles

Beatles Sing-Along

5:20pm-5:50pm – Kevin Burke

Irish Fiddle Legend!

Fountain Lawn

11:00am-11:30am – Inochi Taiko

Japanese American Drumming

11:45am-12:15pm – The Fabulous Hammers

The Original Northwest Sound

12:30pm-1:00pm – Smilin’ Scandanavians

Polkas, Scandanavian, Country

1:10pm-1:40pm – The Stillwater Hillbillies

Country Folk and Cajun Flavor

6:10pm-6:45pm – Below the Salt

Jet Black Serenades

6:55pm-7:30pm – Dandelion Junk Queens

Accordion Crust-Pop

8:25pm-9:00pm – Blackbird Raum

Scathing Hard-time Music

Mural Amphitheatre

11:40am-11:55am – The Senate

Rock and Roll String Band

12:05pm-12:30pm – Stay Tuned

Eclectic Original Bluegrass

12:45pm-1:10pm – Captain Gravel

Fire Breathing Bluegrass

1:25pm-1:50pm – Ida Viper

Western Swing and Bluegrass

2:00pm-2:25pm – The Downtown Mountain Boys

High Powered Bluegrass

2:35pm-3:00pm – Northern Departure

Hard Driving Bluegrass

VERA Project/Gallery

11:40am-12:10pm – Deseo Carmin

Flamenco Fusion

12:20pm-12:50pm – Elbows Touching

Original Music and Paintings

1:0pm-1:35pm – The Nextdoor Neighbors


1:40pm-2:10pm – Get Down Moses

Garage Rock in Dub

2:20pm-2:50pm – The Wizards of Daggordale

Mystical Wizard Tunes & Magic

3:00pm-3:20pm – Save Kate

Of the Old Redmond Firehouse

3:30pm-4:00pm – Deer City

Pop Music of the Northwest

4:10pm-4:40pm – Whitney Ballen

Little Secrets

4:50pm-5:10pm – Universal Soul

from the Old Fire House

5:30pm-6:00pm – Generifus

Unique Experimental Folk

7:00pm-7:35pm – Kids Get Hit By Buses

Hi-Energy Chiptune Electronica