Nights For Folklife

Join us this year at Nights for Folklife!
Be a Host of a Night for Folklife 2016?

Northwest Folklife has supported us in becoming the musicians, dancers and artists that we are. Let’s support Northwest Folklife. ~ Jabi Shriki, Musician, Friend of Folklife, Board Member.

Hanukkah 2015

Musicians play at JoAnne Rudo’s dazzling ‘Chanukah, Hanukkah Potluck Party’: Carla Wulfsberg, violin; Bernice Maslan, clarinet; Harvey Niebulski, accordion; Marianne Tatom, clarinet, and Thaddeus Spae, guitarron. Photo by Martin Ng.

Do you envision creating an arty event to benefit Northwest Folklife? We’re excited to invite you to be a part of Nights for Folklife 2016! See Nights for Folklife on the Community Calendar.

Nights for Folklife hosts are as creative as any artist, putting together unique events that reflect their own passions. From wine dinners to benefit shows to an intimate evening salon, each organizer makes the event their own. Events are private or public, depending on the host’s concept. Northwest Folklife can assist with promoting public Nights for Folklife, while private events are completely up to the host to promote. Check out our Community Calendar to see what’s coming up.

Nights for Folklife FAQ:

How much does it cost to attend a Nights for Folklife event?Some of these fundraisers are ticketed, others are ‘pass the hat’ or suggested donation with all or a portion of the proceeds going to support Northwest Folklife.

How do I become a Friend of Folklife? You may become a supporter right now! Click here to learn more. Your support makes it possible for Northwest Folklife to bring artists and audiences together to play, dance, sing, taste, learn and participate … everyone together. Your support creates opportunities for artists and performers to celebrate, share and sustain the vitality of folk, ethnic and traditional arts for present and future generations.

What will Northwest Folklife provide for my Night for Folklife? Once you register as a party host, Northwest Folklife will set you up with everything you need to make your party a fundraiser. We’ll provide fun party items, donation envelopes, and suggestions for planning your party. In some cases, we’ll even send someone from the Folklife team out to talk to your guests about Folklife!

How do I register as a Nights for Folklife host? To discuss your idea for a fundraising event benefiting Northwest Folklife, please contact Sheila Siden, Development Director, at or call 206.648.7300.