Crossroads Cultural Arts Series

Presented by Northwest Folklife and Crossroads Bellevue

Back by popular demand! Northwest Folklife is honored and excited to share the fourth annual series of curated, family-friendly cultural arts performances on the Eastside at Crossroads Bellevue. On the third Saturday of every month from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. throughout 2016, Northwest Folklife will program diverse family arts performance experiences, free of charge, on the Crossroads Market Stage.

2016 Performance Schedule

January 16 North City Rockers
February 20 The Seattle Subversive Square Dance Society with Gabe Strand, Caller
March 19 Triple A Ceili Band with Kathleen O’Grady, Caller
April 16 Eclectic Cloggers with Moonshine Turpentine
May 21 Nrityalaya Dance
June 18 Kisbetyarok Hungarian Dancers
July 16 Halau Hula O Napualani
August 20 Sound and Fury Morris
September 17 Balidores de Bronce
October 15 Vela Luka Croatian Dance Ensemble
November 19 Orkestyr Farfeleh
December 17 Tango Argentino and Friends

North City Rockers – January 16

B-Boying Hip Hop Dance
North City Rockers is a multi-generational B-Boying Hip Hop production crew. In 1983, lead dance instructor, Pablo D, co-created Snohomish County’s first break dance crew, Twilight Patrol, and has been enjoying dancing ever since. The North City Rockers made an appearance at Northwest Folklife’s second annual Seattle Children’s Festival this year, and will bring their interactive b-boy style dance to the Eastside this January.


The Seattle Subversive Square Dance Society with Caller, Gabe Strand – February 20

Foot-Stomping Fun Square Dance
The Seattle Subversive Square Dance Society is a hard-working group of musicians well-rooted in traditional square dance music. Their dynamic performances range from busking, concerts, honky-tonk and square dances. They brings an intuitive and inventive bend to the early country music tradition, mixing high energy dance tunes with tight three-part harmonies on traditional and original songs. Come and join the Seattle Subversive Square Dance Society for some good ole footstomping fun.

Triple A Ceili Band with Caller, Kathleen O’Grady – March 16

Irish Dance for All
The Triple A Ceili Band players are breathtakingly talented professional musicians with a friendly and clear caller with many years of experience, who can explain all dances step by step when required. Famously known for their Irish Set Dancers at Mick Kelly’s in Burien, the Triple A Ceili Band performs dances all ages can enjoy. They create a driving, energetic new sound of Irish Country music that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Eclectic Cloggers with Moonshine Turpentine – April 16

Clogging and Old-Time Music
The Eclectic Cloggers is a Seattle dance group that performs a high-energy, traditional Appalachian step dancing. This percussive dance form comes from the eastern mountain region of the United States, where it began as a mix of Irish, Scottish, and English step dances with African and Native American influences. Since 1982, the Eclectic Cloggers have performed at festivals and community events throughout the Northwest. The cloggers will be kicking up their heels today to the driving and energetic music of the Old-Time band called “Moonshine & Turpentine.”


Nrityalaya Dance – May 21

Bharatanatyam Classical Dance
Nrityalaya Dance offers ‘LASYA – Classical Indian dance’ – a combination of rhythmic steps and expressions. Nrityalaya Dance will be performing the ancient classical art form Bharatanatyam, which is a combination of pure dance and expressions to narrate stories. This art is dated back to thousands of years and can be found in architectural sculptures of Hindu Temples. Through its extremely talented dancers, Nrityalaya Dance has been able to carve a niche for itself in Seattle with its original productions like ‘Ode to the Indian Goddess’ (Shree Matre Namaha, ‘Righteousness’   (Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitaha) and Five Great Elements of Hindu Philosophy (Pancha Maha Bhootham). Come dance with us!

Kisbetyarok Hungarian Dancers – June 18

Hungarian Village Dances
Kisbetyárok Hungarian Family Dancers was founded by the talented Sue Isely in 1983. A year later the Hungarian American Association of Washington was formed and Kisbetyárok became part of that organization. The group originally developed as a children’s dance group and slowly evolved to include moms, dads, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and everyone in between, and currently has around 50 members from ages 2 and up!

Halau Hula O Napualani – July 16

Hawaiian Traditional for All Ages
Preserving Hawaiian Culture and History through song and dance, Halau Hula O Napualani is a group of Hawaiian dancers of all ages, ohana ukulele musicians and singers of all genres of Hawaiian. Halau Hula O Napualani recently performed in the Hawaiian Islands at the Outrigger hotel and the Waikiki Aquarium. Join us for some traditional as well as contemporary styles of Hawaiian music.

Sound and Fury Morris – August 20

Capers and kilts!
Sound and Fury Morris and Sword have been dancing around Seattle and the rest of the West Coast of North America since the waning days of last century (1999 to be specific). These are dance traditions dating back, well, a long time, from various regions of England. Sound and Fury is proud to bring them to you, residents of the Pacific Northwest.

Bailadores de Bronce – September 17

Mexican Folkloric Dance Group
Bailadores de Bronce is a Mexican folkloric dance group that performs all over the Pacific Northwest. The richness of the culture can be seen in the beautiful costumes from the various regions of Mexico. The high energy and enthusiasm of the dancers transcends the stage and is felt by the audience at each performance. All dancers, instructors and the Board of Directors volunteer their time, energy and efforts to bring Bailadores de Bronce to the high level of professionalism that the group is known for. Bailadores de Bronce portrays the positive aspects of the Mexican culture in the broader community, breaking down cultural barriers and building bridges within the community.

Vela Luka Croatian Dance Ensemble – October 15

Dance and Music of Croatia
Forming a cross-cultural link between the Puget Sound region and Croatia, Vela Luka strives to preserve Croatian folkways and culture for generations to come. Vela Luka Croatian Dance Ensemble was founded in 1975 and perform music and dance of Croatia. The performers in Vela Luka represent four generations of Croatian Americans who have introduced their culture’s extraordinary choreography, music, and instruments to audiences all over the world.

orkestyr-farfelehOrkestyr Farfeleh – November 19

Not (Just) Your Bubbe’s Klezmer

A radiologist, a music theorist and a spiritual philosopher walk into a bar… and play klezmer. Orkestyr Farfeleh, the winsome concoction of Harvey Niebulski, Marianne Tatom and Thaddeus Spae, is a portable feast for lovers of Jewish music, replete with frelachs, Eastern European folk tunes, Yiddishkayt and hats of overwhelming personality. Performing on accordion, clarinet, trombone, guitarron and vocals, they present their diverse material with sharp ears, quick fingers and irrepressible humor, in a program sure to delight young and old alike.

Tango Argentino and Friends – December 17

Tango Cabaret
Tony Fan and Ilana Rubin have been dancing the Argentine tango together for more than 20 years. The beauty of their movement comes from their maturity in the dance, strong connection and deep respect for the music. Come learn some exciting tango steps at Crossroads Bellevue.