A Look Into Seattle Rock Lottery 11: Benefiting Northwest Folklife

25 local musicians organized into 5 bands. 12 hours to create 3-5 songs. An evening showcase of their music, with proceeds benefiting Northwest Folklife.

Presented by Good/Bad Archive Project, the 11th Seattle Rock Lottery selected Northwest Folklife as their benefiting organization. Each year, 25 hand-picked Seattle-based musicians meet at 10 AM and are organized into 5 groups through a lottery-based selection. The 5 groups are then released to practice at different locations. The musicians then have 12 hours to create a band name and 3-5 songs. Then, that same evening, the groups will then perform what they have created in front of the audience at Rock Lottery!

This year’s lineup of artists included: Allison Tulloss, Amy L. Piñon, Cameron Lavi-Jones, Camilo Estrada, Claire Tucker Peters, Faith Stankevich, Greg Dixon, Gus Clark, Jason McCue, Jena Pyle, Jillian Walker, Michael D Hall, Michelle Nuño, Nick Biscardi, Sandy Dickerson, Skyler Ford, Tiffiny Costello, Tige DeCoster, and Ursula Stuart.

Here are a few of the many highlights from that night:



Specswizard, Blakwizard

Nick Biscardi, Gibraltar

Jena Pyle, Sundae Crush

Tiffiny Costello, Housekeys

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Skyler Ford, Snuff Redux

Jillian Walker, Kuinka

Michelle Nuño, Moon Darling

Allison Tulloss, Screens

Jason McCue

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Straight to the Taint and that's Alright

Sandy Dickerson, YAR

Cameron Lavi-Jones, Gypsy Temple

Ursula Stuart, T-Rox

Camilo Estrada, The New Triumph

Greg Dixon, quixod

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Tiger Force

Gus Clark, Country Lips

Faith Stankevich, Grace Love and the Dirty Church

Amy Piñon, Amy Lp

Claire Tucker, Black Nite Crash, Loose Wing

Tige DeCoster, West Seattle Soul, Supersones

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A very special thank you to all of the musicians who volunteered their time, Chris and Kathy for organizing, and all of the folks who came out to support local music in benefit of Northwest Folklife.

We are proud to be community-powered because of folks like you!

Photo Credit: Shawn McClung