Bring Your Instrument and JAM at this years’ Festival

Northwest Folklife Festival prides itself on offering an opportunity for music lovers to get together and share tunes, exchange ideas, and spread joy through their music. This year, by popular demand, we’ve created even more jamming opportunities, accessible to anyone!  Whether you’ve been playing for decades or are just picking up an instrument, look for hosted jams in our Boeing Grebuskers_people_couple_olderen Jam Tent or check out our brand new Jamming Hot Spots.

The Boeing Green Jam Tent will have scheduled hosted jams—jams where there is a leader facilitating the jam, teaching tunes, and working to create a welcoming and fun jam experience for everyone involved.  You can check out the full festival schedule, live online on May 2nd, or in our Festival Guide, to find scheduled jams of various styles and genres.  Some things to look out for—an open Irish Tune Session, Cajun jam, Bob McQuillen tune session, slow jams and more!

The Jamming Hot Spots won’t have any programmed jams, but rather will be open for people to create any kind of jam that they would like.  Find a spot and join a jam or create your own!  There will be a board in the Jam Tent to post jam requests, suggestions, and notes.

It’s the spirit of Folklife to be open, inviting and inclusive!  Please welcome all into your jam and always consider trying something new!