Hands On Activities

There’s always so much to do and see at the Discovery Zone – just take a look at some of the fun activities available at past Discovery Zones below.

Check back soon to see what you can expect in 2018!



Arabic Festival: Kids Craft and Coloring Station

Learn about the Arabic language! Come and decorate your name written in Arabic and take home your creation or simply color a letter sheet with Arabic words.



Dia de Muertos: Paper Flower Making
Make your own bouquets of paper flowers with Dia de Muertos Festival. These colorful flowers often are used as part of community altars which are an important part of the Mexican holiday Dia de Muertos. Take yours home or you can add it to the community altar located in the Armory Balcony.



Polish Festival: Wreath Making and Paper Cutting
Weave intricate flower head wreaths and create decorative paper cuttings with the Polish Festival.




Asian Pacific Islander: Lei Making
E lei no au I ko aloha. “I will cherish your love as a beautiful adornment.” Lei-making is a gift of love. Join us to learn how to create lei in the Native-Hawaiian tradition, and learn about how lei-making strengthens our connections to the land and to each other.



Turkfest: Paper Marbling
Learn the art of marbling paper with TurkFest and see what beautiful stationary you can create to write notes or letters to your loved ones. Make sure to visit the Art Not Terminal Gallery for more examples of this beautiful decorative art!


Diwali Festival of Lights
Learn about the Vedic culture and traditions with Diwali: Festival of Lights with a variety of games, activities and fun. See a lifesized Vedic village and don’t forget to stop by and say hi to Narayana and Laxmi, two cows who live at the Vedic Cultural Center!

Nature consortium: “Salmon Eco-Sculpture” Reconnect with nature, learn about environmental sustainability and gain awareness about salmon by joining us in creating a Salmon Eco-Sculpture. Visitors are able to contribute with recycled materials in a manner that nurtures critical thinking, environment awareness, conceptual and skills.



School of Rock 
“All Ages Rock and Roll Instrument Demonstration and Percussion Play” : Grab yourself an instrument and learn how to rock and roll! School of Rock is a place where kids and adults alike can find the confidence and inspiration to play an instrument and grow as a member of a musical community.



Seattle Children’s Museum
“Mini- Matisse”: Hungry for a bite-sized sample of the Seattle Children’s Museum? Explore the power of bold graphics and vibrant color and make great art with accessible materials! Learn about the work of Henri Matisse, “Painting with Scissors”, in the style-daubed fauvism; and take home your own stunning sample.



Tim Lowell Artworks
“Create Your Own Stained Glass Mosaic Art”: Unleash your creativity! Make and take home your own glass mosaic art. Using our dazzling array of finger safe, tumbled, recycled stained glass, create beautiful tiles, mirrors, ornaments and more.



Gage: “Pop-Up Drawing Jam”
Whether you’re a young Picasso, comic book artist, a stick figure sketcher, or just like to express yourself, Gage presets a chance to drop in and draw at Folklife. Gage provides free professional art supplies, costumed models from comic heroes to your friendly neighbors, easels, still-life set-ups and lots of encouragement.



Center for Wooden Boats: “Toy Boat Building”
Grab a hull, a mast and some traditional tools and build your own toy boat! Decorate it, name it and sail it to wherever your imagination takes you.