Northwest Folklife Festival


2020 Cultural Focus: Living Legacies

As Northwest Folklife looks ahead to celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2021, it is the stories and traditions of the region that serve as the foundation and significance behind our organization and work. Join in preserving, supporting and cultivating our community’s cultural endowment through Cultural Focus: Living Legacies. We will be creating a Living Legacies Toolkit to document and capture family heritage and stories in tandem with our organization as we build a retrospective for our 50th anniversary and legacy for generations to come.

Living Legacies

2020 Cultural Focus: Living Legacies will have four components: (1) Development of a Living Legacies Toolkit to share with communities to preserve, document and capture their stories; (2) Fieldwork and Documentation; (3) Archiving and Digitization, and; (4) Production of Podcasts, Digital and Anthological Booklet.

2019 Festival Highlights

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