Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Urvasi Dance Ensemble *

Sunday, May 30 - 5:20pm

Urvasi Dance Ensemble practices classical Odissi dance in the rare style of Adiguru Pankaj Charan Das from the state of Odisha, India, and includes some senior multinational dancers. The Ensemble has performed both traditional choreography and choreography on modern and historical themes. In 2009, The Ensemble was… LEARN MORE

Valse Café Orchestra ^ *

Friday, May 28 - 6:15pm

We are a true café orchestra and, like the original café orchestras of 19th Century Vienna, we play what our audiences like to hear (and dance to). So while this orchestra’s “book” includes the grand waltzes from Strauss's day, we’ve also feature gems from more modern worlds that include the Great American Songbook – Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Fats… LEARN MORE

Vancouver Morris Men*

Saturday, May 29 - 6:40pm

Traditional English Ceremonial Folk Dance Learn more at their  LEARN MORE

Vela Luka Croatian Dance Ensemble

Friday, May 28 - 3:00pm

Dances and music of Croatia. Ensemble established in 1975 to preserve and share our Croatian culture and folkways. Learn more on their website. LEARN MORE

Vivian Williams *

Saturday, May 29 - 2:10pm

Vivian Williams is a master fiddler and co-founder of Northwest Folklife, Vivian Williams. Vivian is recognized as a master of Celtic, old-time and bluegrass style fiddling. She is also one of the very first folklorists of regional music through her recording company, Voyager Records. Alongside her late husband, Phil Williams, Vivian co-founded the… LEARN MORE

Warren Argo Jam, led by W.B. Reid ^*

Saturday, May 29 - 5:00pm

Join us for a jam in memory of Warren Argo, lead by WB Reid and Doug Plummer. Warren Argo started out playing banjo and guitar, but when he came to Seattle in 1968 he became a dance caller, the person who alerts square dancers and contra dancers to the next move. “Warren was a really good caller,” said Sandy Bradley, also… LEARN MORE

Wes Weddell presented by the Acoustic Lounge Show*

Saturday, May 29 - 5:05pm

For the past twenty years, Wes Weddell has worked multiple shifts in the engine room of Seattle’s roots music scene as frontman, sideman, writer, teacher, and community-builder. “Always heartfelt and well-constructed” (Seattle Weekly), listeners have come to expect Weddell’s regionally-rooted songs to “speak for themselves” (No Depression). Learn… LEARN MORE

X̲aat’áay ‘Wáadłuwaan G̲aagáay *

Saturday, May 29 - 12:10pm

X̲aat’áay ‘Wáadłuwaan G̲aagáay is an Alaskan Native dance group based in the Greater Seattle area. Our group was founded by Vicki Soboleff, Karen Lauth Elliott, and Hlt'anuu Nathan. The name translates to “all nations” in Haida language. We were established in 2018 as a continuing sibling group to Ldak'at Naax Sati Yatx’i which translates to “all… LEARN MORE

Zydeco Shazam with Sean Donovan ^

Saturday, May 29 - 3:10pm

Learn Zydeco dance fundamentals with some fun and challenging footwork to boot. The irrepressibly funky polyrhythms which signify this Louisiana music will have you on your feet and shouting for joy, like magic! No partner necessary. Sean Donovan combines passion for music and dance with his great love of teaching to provide joyful, exciting… LEARN MORE