Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Black Puma

Friday, May 28 - 3:00pm

Black Puma is an independent artist hailing from Kingston, Jamaica with a soul full of hip hop, fusion, reggae, dancehall and Reggaeton. Black Puma was born in Kingston, Jamaica. At 16 weeks old, his mother Nathalie Holmes moved them to North America to be close to his grandmother in (Panama) where he was mentored as a child by Reggaeton Legend El… LEARN MORE

Blake Holdswater Shelafoe *

Blake Holdswater Shelafoe is the Duwamish Cultural Ambassador, Drummer, Singer, and Dancer: kʷədəd qʷuʔ  Visit the Duwamish Tribe's website here. LEARN MORE

Bonglang Ruam Jai *

Saturday, May 29 - 5:25pm

Bong Lang Ruam Jai Band (วงโปงลางร่วมใจ) is made up of community members in the Pacific Northwest who have a passion for Southeast Asian Music. Bong Lang Ruam Jai was founded after the Thai temple in Auburn Washington brought traditional Thai Language, Dance, and Music instructors to the United States for a summer school program. The band is named… LEARN MORE

Briar & Joe Seamons

Friday, May 28 - 3:00pm

Both Briar and Joe Seamons grew up in tiny Pacific Northwest communities where their fathers worked in local paper mills. They met in 2014 at the Port Townsend Acoustic Blues Festival, where they began to bond over a shared love of Bessie Smith, dancing, and banjos. In 2016, the duo, now a couple, began performing jazz, blues and folk songs throughout… LEARN MORE

Bridgetown Morris*

Saturday, May 29 - 6:40pm

Artist bio coming soon! LEARN MORE


Friday, May 28 - 3:00pm

Brivele is a Seattle-based anti-fascist klezmer folk-punk trio, who braid together oral history, Yiddish language, contemporary and old-country musical genres, American vaudeville, and visual arts. Brivele — Yiddish for "a little letter" — sing songs that have become letters to us; ancestors' voices that speak clearly and uncompromisingly,… LEARN MORE

Brother Quill and The Gospel Roadhouse Band*

Sunday, May 30 - 5:05pm

For the last 40 years Jeff Quill has performed with his band at Folklife, where he once opened before Pete Seeger, and once for the Total Experience Gospel Choir and another time for Jenny Riley. This band has entertained from prison, to Pike Place Market and many churches and festivals in between. The content is a warm humor and accent on love,… LEARN MORE

Building from Here: Arts and Culture in the Pacific Northwest *

Sunday, May 30 - 2:45pm

Building from Here: Arts and Culture in the Pacific Northwest featuring Leigh Bezezekoff of Tractor Tavern, King Khazm of 206 Zulu, and Benjamin Hunter from The Black and Tan Hall. Moderator by Alexa Peters.   LEARN MORE

Cecile Hansen *

Cecile Hansen is a descendant within the family of Chief Si 'ahl ("Chief Seattle") and has served as the elected chair of her people since 1975. During those decades the Duwamish (or in the Salish language of Lushootseed: the Dkhw'Duw'Absh) have made much progress in the ongoing efforts to nurture their arts, language, and culture. But Hansen's original… LEARN MORE