GiveBIG! NOW More Than Ever


Northwest Folklife creates strong communities through arts and culture. How? When people share their arts, culture, and living traditions, we create opportunities to dissolve misunderstandings, break down stereotypes, and increase respect for one another. Youth become inspired. Elders become mentors. The Northwest Folklife Festival is one of the few remaining all access, all community folk celebrations left in America. Now more than ever, we cannot take it for granted.

Northwest Folklife Festival

Your support and that of others is necessary. Take a moment to renew and even increase your support before May 25 to support our Spring Campaign goal of $100,000. Wyncote Foundation NW is generously providing a $40,000 Challenge Opportunity. You may begin scheduling your donations on April 27. GiveBIG is on May 10.


Make your gift anytime before May 25 to support our $100,000 Spring Campaign goal.

Questions for Northwest Folklife about GiveBIG?
Please email or call 206/233-3953

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