Navigating by Day By Day

When you first see the schedule displayed at, all four days are displayed. If you’d like to jump to one day, mouse over the dates on the right hand side of the screen. The four days of the Festival will drop down for you to make a selection.

Navigating by Stage or Venue Sort

If you’d like to view the events in our schedule by stage, mouse over the word “Schedule” and select “By Stage.” (Please note the other options that allow you to view the schedule in an expanded or grid view.)
You can also view one specific stage at a time by mousing over “Browse by Stage” in the right hand navigation area.

Navigating by Performance Type

Our schedule tool allows you to view by event type such as Dance Performance, Music Performance, Panel Presentation, etc. Showcases are specially programmed packages of performances with a similar style or theme, and include all event types. We have showcases of Dance Performance, showcases of Music Performance, etc. Sorting by showcase allows you to view these special themed shows in one place.

Navigating by Showcase View

To search by showcase, drag your mouse over the Type of Performance. You will see the showcases appear. By clicking on the drop down menu in the upper right corner of your screen, you can be redirected to the showcase to view all performers.

Creating a Personal Schedule

To create your schedule, you’ll first have to create an account by clicking “sign up” at the top of your screen. Then you can click on the star by each event to add it you’re your personal calendar! You can then view your schedule by clicking on the drop down menu in the upper right corner of your screen.

Access a Mobile Version of the Schedule

You do not have to download the app. You can also bookmark to access a mobile-friendly version of the schedule. View your personal schedule, browse what’s happening right now or search for what you want. The mobile web app stores the schedule data locally on your phone for offline access too.