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Northwest Folklife believes that sharing and participating in arts and cultural traditions create strong communities.

As an organization, we see the Pacific Northwest evolving in exciting ways. We know we are a part of that social change and plan to take a lead in recognizing and facilitating that evolution. Multi-cultural arts and cultural practices spark our imagination of social engagement and world peace, right here in our big neighborhood.

Would you like to join us in this exciting enterprise? If yes, please consider learning more about Northwest Folklife and your role in making the organization all it can be in a world of change.

Northwest Folklife is excited to offer opportunities including Board and Committee membership to like-minds who believe that everyone is a bearer of folk arts and that participation in the arts is as important as observing them. We are seeking change-making individuals who represent the many communities that call the Pacific Northwest home, be they communities of ethnicity, cultural artistic genres, or traditional practices ~ everything that is “folklife.”

Folklife is a word with a past and a future. Much more than just folklore and folk music, “folklife is the everyday and intimate creativity that all of us share and pass on to the next generation. ‘Folklife’ is arts and culture as a way of life.”

We seek committed individuals who bring community connections, diverse perspectives, and skills in community outreach, finance, marketing, fundraising, and development. Together, we can serve the Pacific Northwest as ambassadors and create strong communities through Arts & Culture!

Please contact members of our Board Recruitment committee to introduce yourself and discuss your interest at Thank You; we look forward to hearing from you!

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To learn more about Northwest Folklife, please visit Communities reveal how Northwest Folklife was a catalyst to helping them come together through their art forms in our Northwest Stories video series.