Warren's Roadhouse 2015. Photo Credit: Doug Plummer

Jump in and Join the fun in The Virtual Roadhouse

Warren's Roadhouse 2015. Photo Credit: Doug Plummer

Warren’s Roadhouse 2015. Photo Credit: Doug Plummer.

Participatory dances and workshops are an essential part of every Northwest Folklife event, and From Home to Home: Northwest Folklife Festival is no different! There’s a variety of dances and lessons to participate in and we hope you’ll join us for them all! Click on the dance or workshop you’re interested in below to fill out a brief registration form. All participants must register in order to receive the unique log in link. Once you register, you will be emailed the log in information the day of the event. For any questions, contact programming@nwfolklife.org






Etienne Cakpo, Saturday May 23rd 4:35 PM

Sing-a-long Maritime Chantey’s with Wayne Palsson, Saturday May 23rd 5:05 PM

Tango Dance with Ilana Rubin and Tony Fan – Saturday May 23rd 6:15pm

Contra Dance with WB Reid & Bonnie Zahnow with Michael Karcher, Callery – Saturday May 23rd 7:05pm

Contra Dance with Dear Crow w/ Noah Grunzweig, Caller – Saturday May 23rd 7:40pm



Dance with Dora, Sunday May 24th 4:30 PM

Balkan Dance with Dromeno (The Govetas Family) – Sunday May 24th 5:35pm

Dance the Shim Sham – Sunday May 24th 6:20pm

Contra Dance with Alex Sturbaum with Susan Michaels, Caller – Sunday May 24 7pm

Contra Dance with Audrey Knuth with Isaac Banner, Caller – Sunday May 24, 7:45pm



Salsa Dance with Lucy Fei of Bachata Seattle – Monday, May 25, 7pm