Keep in Touch with Folklife

Thanks for stopping by to read Folklife’s blog, The Folklife Beat. This is the place where you can get all the information and behind-the-scenes access for the programs and events we produce all year. We’ll post details about the ways Folklife intersects with the community, and announce ways that you can participate in the many ethnic and cultural arts events that take place in the Northwest.

As we get closer to the annual Northwest Folklife Festival, happening at Seattle Center each year on Memorial Day Weekend, we’ll be sharing insights into our programming, artist profiles, and tips on how to best “do” the festival.

Look forward to many guest bloggers, too, who will share their experience and traditions—and how you can be involved with those traditions with Folklife.

We encourage you to tell us what you think by posting comments or emailing our contributors. Northwest Folklife is a resource for all people of the Northwest to engage in the communities around them, and this blog is one more way we hope to make that participation possible. 

Rob Townsend
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