Seattle’s jazz and blues roots come alive on KNKX 88.5 FM

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When you think of the music of Seattle, you might think of Nirvana, Sound Garden, or Jimi Hendrix. But did you know that both Quincy Jones and Ray Charles have ties to the Seattle jazz community?

Quincy Jones grew up in Seattle and attended Garfield High School. And Ray Charles had a regular gig at a Seattle club called The Rocking Chair, where he started mixing blues and gospel. He also made his first records in Seattle and connected with Quincy Jones and more.

Jazz and blues are an important part of the Seattle music tradition—just like Northwest Folklife. For many years, KNKX has been proud to sponsor Northwest Folklife and the rich ways it knits our diverse community together.

This year, with so much change in our world, it’s important to find new ways to connect to each other. Music is such an important way to do that.

KNKX is committed to the best of regional, national, and international jazz and blues. From 9:00 to 3:00 on weekdays we bring you midday jazz; after 8:00 at night, we start evening jazz; and on Saturday and Sunday nights, it’s all blues from six until midnight. We also have a channel called Jazz24, which has streaming jazz 24/7 and is available on your smartphone, or you can ask your smart speaker to “play Jazz24.”

(For that matter you can ask your smart speaker to “play KNKX” as well!)

When we’re not playing jazz or blues, KNKX is part of the news coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. Our podcast Transmission covers the stories behind the news of the COVID-19 outbreak. And during Morning Edition in the morning and All Things Considered in the afternoon, we bring you the latest information about what’s happening here and around the world.

It’s in that balance between news you need and music you love that KNKX really shines.

To learn more about KNKX, visit our website at or tune your dial in Seattle to 88.5 fm!

If we can’t see you in person at the Northwest Folklife Festival this year, we hope we can be at home with you as your connection for jazz, blues, and NPR news.