Alki Court Stage

Sunday, May 29, 11:40am-9:00pm

11:40am – Sean Clavere


12:20pm – Percy Hilo & Friends

Meaningful Songs and Sing-Alongs

1:00pm – Sebastian Clark

Idiosyncratic f-style sun-folk

3:00pm – Steve Wacker

Modern Poetic Americana

3:40pm – Spare Rib and the Bluegrass Sauce

Foot Stompin’ Groove Grass Fun

4:20pm – Fadin’ By 9

Progressive bluegrass & originals

5:50pm – Amir Beso

Balkan Flamenco from Sarajevo

6:30pm – The Isotunes

7 Deadly Sins…plus a few!

7:10pm – Gregory Paul

Folk Noir & Oldtime

7:50pm – Brooke Pennock and Wendy McDowell

Modern Folk Rock

8:30pm – WB Reid & Bonnie Zahnow

Old Time Country Music & Blues from all over

Narrative Stage

Sunday, May 29, 1:00pm-6:50pm

1:00pm – The Story of the Northwest Folklife Festival

Phil Williams & Friends

3:00pm – Portland Storytellers

Liz Hibbard, Lori King

4:00pm – Rebels and Rogues: From Ballads to the Blues

Marian Buechert

5:00pm – Seattle’s Chanteyman

Wayne Palsson

6:00pm – Fisher Poets Discuss….

Patrick Dixon, Jon Broderick, Jay Speakman, Erin Fristad, John Van Amerongen, Moe Bowstern & Clemens Starck


Hawaiian Showcase

Sunday, May 29, 11:00am-1:30pm

Bagley Wright Theatre

Halau Hula Pulamahia I Ka Liko Lehua

Na Lei O Manu’akepa

Halau Hula O Napualani

Halau Hula Pulamahiai Kalikolehua

Fisher Poets

Sunday, May 29, 3:00pm-4:50pm

Center House Theatre

Clemens Starck, Erin Fristad, Jay Speakerman, John Van Amerongen, Jon Broderick, Moe Bowstern, Patrick Dixon

Jack Straw Writers Program

Sunday, May 29, 5:00pm-6:00pm

Center House Theatre


Hugo House Writers Read

Sunday, May 29, 7:00-7:50pm

Center House Theatre


Ghost Stories

Sunday, May 29, 8:00pm-10:00pm

Center House Theatre

Mike Evans, Colleen Squier, Paul ‘Che oke ten’ Wagner, Jo Walter

Women’s Voices from Bulgaria and Beyond

Sunday, May 29, 3:00-6:00pm

Bagley Wright Theatre

Seattle Folklore Society Showcase

Sunday, May 29, 12:20-3:10pm

Folklife Cafe

Joy Mills

Michael Connolly and Miller McNay

Carolyn Cruso

Bric a brac

The Acoustic Lounge

Sunday, May 29, 6:20pm-8:50pm

Folklife Cafe

Laurie Katherine Carlsson

Carter Freeman

Holly McGarry

Charlie Loesel

Ball of Wax

Sunday, May 29, 12:30pm-3:45pm

BECU & KMTT Indie Roots Stage

Levi Fuller

Joshua Morrison

Shenandoah Davis

Sunday Evening Whiskey Club



Pop 425: Old Firehouse Showcase

Sunday, May 29, 11:00am-2:00pm

All Ages | All Day in the EMP Sky Church

Anna Gordon

Whitney Ballen

Synthetic Colors

All Ages Alternative

Sunday, May 29, 7:00pm

All Ages | All Day in the EMP Sky Church

Apache Chief


Fox and the Law

Northern Departure

Old Time Kitchen Party

Sunday, May 29, 3:00pm-6:00pm

Northwest Court Stage

Honey Bucket Boys

Worn Out Shoes

Cort Armstrong



Sunday, May 29, 7:00pm-10:00pm

BECU and KMTT Indie Roots Stage

John Heart Jackie

The Ocean Floor

Death Songs


Founatin Lawn Stage

Sunday, May 29, 11:00am-7:15pm

11:00am – Irish Pipers Club

Irish Music-Bellows Blown

11:40am – Gold Bar

Local Folky Classic Rock

12:20pm – Redwood Son

West Coast Americana

1:45pm – Ockham’s Razor

Hardstompin’ Celtic Rock

6:30pm – Shiftless Layabout

Hardstompin’ Celtic Rock

7:00pm – Spoonshine

Folk, Rock, Country, Pop


Bowin’ Belles

Sunday, May 29, 12:20pm-2:50pm

Northwest Court Stage

Aurora Bird

Lucy Reuter

Rebecca Lomnicky

Kierah Raymond

Celtic Show

Sunday, May 29, 7:00pm-10:00pm

Northwest Court Stage

Colleen Raney

Molly’s Revenge


Family String Band Showcase

Sunday, May 29, 11:00pm-2:00pm

KBCS Fisher Green Stage

Fiddlin’ Frenzy

Peterka Family String Band

More Luck To Us

Smalltime String Band

Blueberry Hill-Miller Band

Ladies First: 10th Anniversary Show

Sunday, May 29, 4:00pm-7:00pm

Vera Project


Christina Orbe


Felicia Loud

Julie C