Living in the Truth: The David Guilbault Band

(Thanks to guest blogger David Guilbault for this post! You can find out more about all the musicians participating at this year’s Northwest Folklife Festival at

The David Guilbault Band plays original music about life, love and loss – songs that live in the truth.  The music fits nicely in the Americana / Folk Rock / Alt Country genres.  Seattle audiences have been entertained by the thoughtful, honest-to-goodness, nitty-gritty tunes.

David spent his first career as a network news producer, telling stories for ABC News, CNN, PBS and  Now he tells his tales through his songwriting.

David fronts the band on vocal and rhythm guitar.  He is backed by Marc Laurick on bass and Colin J Nelson on drums.  For their performance on the Fountain Lawn Stage at 12:30 pm on Friday, May 24th, they’ll be joined by local guitar god Jason Goessl on lead guitar.  This is a performance not to be missed.

The guys in the band can be found playing independently all over Seattle.  Jason Goessl plays western swing in The Pornadoes and jazz in the Jason Goessl Quartet and Trimtab.  Colin J Nelson performs as a singer-songwriter and as a member of The Foghorns and Caleb & Walter.  He also accompanies Marc Laurick in the soul band Brother James and the Soul-Vation and the surf band The Evanstones.  Marc, former member of the yeah clementines and Bunnydrums, now plays his original music in the Marc Laurick Trio.

You can find some recorded music from all four members on the China Sea Recordings Concern website  (  David’s music can also be found on Bandcamp (  He invites you to become a fan and join his mailing list on Reverbnation (

Truth needs to be told.  Come hear the David Guilbault Band tell their tales at the Northwest Folklife Festival.