Northwest Folklife Festival

Meet Your Neighbors
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Every year the Northwest Folklife Festival brings together people from dozens of different cultural groups with innumerable traditions. It’s easy to forget that all these people are our neighbors, living in surrounding communities and parts of the Pacific Northwest. In honor of this great truth, we teamed up with the incredible talent at WATTS Media to tell a handful of individual artist stories – where they come from, how they are connected to Folklife and the Northwest, and so much more. We hope you’ll enjoy these stories and please, look forward to seeing them on the big screen at SIFF Film Center during the 2016 Northwest Folklife Festival.

Dejah Leger – Crankie Artist

Seattle Living Room Shows

Music by Tomo Nakayama, performed by Grand Hallway.

Draze / Dumi Maraire, Jr.

Eduardo Mendonca

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Mark St. John
Kaija Jones
David Godwin
Dejah Leger
Carrie Watt
Kristen Watt
William Moore and Tractor Tavern
Ryan Leyva, GoGoWildcat
Langston Huges Performing Arts Institute
Dumi Maraire
Eduardo Mendoca