Northwest Folklife’s Sneak Peek of the 2019 Cultural Focus: Youth Rising

Over the past five years, Northwest Folklife has focused its work on building intentional cultural spaces for youth and families to share and celebrate the vitality of folk, ethnic and evolving arts through programs, such as the Seattle Children’s Festival, Our Big Neighborhood, and our 2018 pilot program, the Próxima Generación Youth Residency. In 2019, we will dedicate a whole year of programming to youth-focused and youth-led cultural activities under the umbrella of our 2019 Cultural Focus: Youth RisingServing as a mentorship program, this program will connect youth with culture bearers of all ages to collaborate and share ideas thus building a stronger community. The passing down of traditions from culture bearers through intergenerational dialogue fosters growth and reach that is only possible when a community is able to nurture its roots. In partnership with regional youth organizations of the Northwest and the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage’s Smithsonian Year of Music, this program will create a larger platform, both locally and nationally, to amplify these youth voices across our nation. As folk is “by the people, for the people,” this Cultural Focus and our year of events will be built “by and for youth.”
Mark your calendars for November 7th for the full program launch and announcement! For more information, contact Kelli Faryar – Executive Artistic Director at


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