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CallGraphic1Northwest Folklife invites musicians, dancers, community groups, artists, storytellers, and instructors to participate in the 43rd annual Northwest Folklife Festival, which will take place May 23-26, 2014, at Seattle Center.

If you or your group is based in the Northwest region, including Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Western Montana, this is a great opportunity to share your music and traditions!

The annual Northwest Folklife Festival is the largest FREE community arts festival in the United States. It is presented each year in Seattle by Northwest Folklife, a year-round nonprofit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for all people to appreciate, share, and participate in the evolving traditions of the Pacific Northwest.

Last year Northwest Folklife programmed over 6,000 performers in 65 different genres of music, from Hawaiian to hip-hop. We presented dance performances representing cultures from Ireland to India. We believe everyone is a bearer of folk arts, and we encourage communities to share their cultural traditions, in the hope that interaction with new audiences will enrich the community as much as the audience.


Interested in how we select bands and performance groups? Click here to read our Programming FAQ.

Still have questions? Email our programming team now.


  1. I sing songs and tell stories between songs. My genre is a cross between jazz, latin blues and folk. I bring a guitar, a foot activated cajon and my voice. Thanks for your consideration.

    • Absolutely! We have multiple spaces that are designated for jamming at the 2014 Folklife Festival. We’d love to see you there sharing your favorite art form!

  2. I saw there were some busker types last year as well as the people playing the different stages in the area. I was wondering if the buskers were there with the blessings of folklife or they just showed up and played.

    Accordion, drums, percussion- that sort of thing. Too much stuff to carry which would make it very difficult for me to run from security if they were looking for trouble!

    If the busking is part of the grand scheme of things should I submit an application?


  3. I have been playing the ukulele for almost four years now and I can sing. I have a bit of stage fright, so I’d rather not go up there alone. I can accompany anyone if they wish.

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