Crossroads Cultural Arts Series

Back by popular demand! Northwest Folklife is honored and excited to share the 5th annual series of curated, family-friendly cultural arts performances on the Eastside at Crossroads Mall’s Market Stage in Bellevue (15600 NE 8th Street) on the third Saturday of every month from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at no-charge!

Date Genre Group
18-Feb Hawaiian Da Oddah Guyz
18-Mar Old Time Squirrel Butter
15-Apr Latin America Correo Aero / Air Mail
20-May African Kouyate Arts
17-Jun  French Canadian  La Famille Leger
15-Jul Brazilian Eduardo Mendonca trio
19-Aug South Asia UW Awaaz
16-Sep  American  Mortgage Lifters
21-Oct Balkan Zakuska
18-Nov  Cajun  Touloulou
16-Dec British Isles Dréos
20-Jan  Maritime  Strikes A Bell

February 18

Da Oddah Guyz

Auntie’s Back Porch

Da Oddah Guyz been jamming together for the last 12 years, and plan on jamming for another 12 years!  We have played at the Northwest Folklife Festival, Roeder House in Bellingham, the Seattle Slack Key Festival, the Lalama Heritage Festival and private parties in the Puget Sound area.

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March 18

Squirrel Butter

Squirrelly good old-time music!

Squirrel Butter, husband and wife duo of Charlie Beck & Charmaine
Slaven, started performing together after meeting at a music festival in 2005. Sharing a deep love of traditional music, they explore the genres of old-time, early bluegrass, blues, country, & cajun while adding their unique perspective to these traditions with their original compositions.  Multi-instrumentalists, they play banjo, guitar, fiddle, steel guitar, step-dance, and sing in harmony.  Both are members of honky tonk project, The Lucky Shots, and were also half of The Tallboys.  They’re anchors of the old-time music & square-dance communities in the NW and beyond.

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April 15

Correo Aero/ Air Mail

Deep tunes of the Americas

Award winning Correo Aereo (Air Mail), creates resonantly beautiful sounds and soulscapes of the Americas, and their own profound and joyful inner lands. Using an array of strings, reeds, percussion instruments and vocals, their music will de-colonize your body, mind and soul! Correo Aereo; Abel Rocha & Madeleine Sosin, have performed nationally and internationally since 1992 and have been happily based in Seattle since 2002. Here they met and began inspired collaborative conversations with internationally playful, genre-bending Amy Denio (Kulture Shock, The Tiptons, Ou), a Besse Award winning composer & musician recently inducted into the Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame.  .

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May 20

Kouyate Arts

Memory of African Culture
Originated from a big Griot family, “The Kouyates” of Guinea, West Africa. This family has a big obligation for everyone. A big story of the Manding cultures of West Africa. Afua Kouyaté, dancer and management, is one of Seattle’s treasures, renowned for building cultural pathways for youth and families in African culture. Husband, Aboubacar is an energetic composer and is currently creating music daily. He is a versatile artist who plays Balafone, African traditional drums; djemebe and doundoun), guitar, piano, trap drums and he is a professional singer. Experience Gnankoumandouwa – a traditional performance company of master drummers, dancers, singers and family members from Guinea, West African with Kouyate Arts.

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June 17

La Famille Leger

Music of French Canada
Born of a time when family and friends would gather in the warmth of the kitchens of Québec and New Brunswick to play and dance time-honoured tunes together, La Famille Léger keeps that rich tradition vitally alive. The Légers play the dancing music of French Canada – the music handed down through generations in the New World, the music of back porches and kitchen parties. Patriarch Louis Léger leads the band on the one-row melodeon (a type of button accordion), son Devon plays fiddle, Devon’s mom Barbara plays guitar and his wife, Dejah is on piano. This proudly “old school” family band will have your own family dancing and joining in on the fun!


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July 15

Eduardo Mendonça trio

Brazilian Music and Dance

Eduardo Mendonça (menDONsa) brings a wealth of experience to his wide-ranging musical endeavors. He has played, composed, and directed various genres of Brazilian popular music in the US, Canada, Nepal and Brazil since 1974.  A native of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Eduardo has shared international stages with legendary Brazilian musicians Geraldo Azevedo, Alcione, and Jorge Ben Jor.  Eduardo has performed for many notable personalities, including the 14th Dalai Lama, Pope John Paul II, and former South Africa President Nelson Mandela, and he was featured in the PBS American Masters documentary, Paul Simon: Born at the Right Time.

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August 19

UW Awaaz

South-Asian Fusion A Cappella

UW Awaaz is a South Asian a cappella team that creates performances incorporating both various genres of Western music and South Asian music. When coming up with our set, we draw from our experiences as South Asians living in the US and try to bring out flavors from both cultures, mirroring our holistic development as musicians with various influences.


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September 16

Mortgage Lifters

Lovely Songs Tunes Harmonies

Kim Thal, Robert Hinrix, Tony Mates, and Johnny Calcagno are Seattle and Vashon Island based band musicians who play original and classic swing and pop songs, as well as interesting tunes from around the world. Each of them perform in multiple ensembles, includes “B – Sides,” “Fendershine,” “The Na Hilahila Boys,” “Zazou,” “The Forks,” “Old Joe,” and “Peckin’ Out Dough.” They play regularly around Seattle and Vashon.


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October 21


Tasty Balkan Snacks
Zakuska plays for Folkdancing groups in the Puget Sound area. We play and sing a wide variety of traditional dance tunes primarily from Balkan countries including: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Greece and Turkey. One of our passions is to keep Balkan music alive in the Seattle area – we love to play and sing these great tunes.


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November 18


Traditional Cajun Dance Music

Touloulou plays traditional Cajun music from Louisiana. They are inspired by such greats as The Balfa Brothers, Amede Ardoin, Danny Poullard and more. They’ve been playing in the Seattle area for around 4 years and love to play for enthusiastic dancers.

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December 16


New & Old music, Traditionally

Dréos is a Celtic music ensemble of performing composers who invent and arrange new and old music using a traditional vocabulary. Following the release of their debut recording The Clearing, you’re invited to join with this exciting trio as they light up the dance music of Ireland and Scotland. Dréos brings together the blazing piping of Eliot Grasso, virtuosic fiddling of Brandon Vance, and powerhouse accompaniment of Glen Waddell, for an evening of fiery dance music and soul-filling songs, new and old. Bring your dance shoes!


Dréos is a Celtic ensemble of performing composers that brings together the blazing piping of Eliot Grasso, virtuosic fiddling of Brandon Vance, and powerhouse accompaniment of Glen Waddell to create fiery dance music and soul-filling songs. Having performed in North America and Europe, this Celtic Kronos Quartet creates new music and re-imagines old music using a traditional vocabulary. Dréos’s mastery of Irish and Scottish music offers listeners exciting, handcrafted music in the living Celtic tradition, and engages audiences in a centuries-old cultural-artistic dialogue.

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January 20

Strikes A Bell

Singable Sea Chanetys

Strikes A Bell sings familiar and catchy sea chanteys and maritime songs guaranteed to get the audience joining in on the chorus. The crew muster list includes Laura Bassett, Jean Geiger, David Kessler, Wayne Palsson, David Perasso, Dan Roberts, Steve Whinihan, and Mary Wilson


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