Suggest Your Idea for the 2015-2016 CULTURAL FOCUS!

Northwest Folklife is now accepting proposals from communities, organizations, and artists interested in curating the “festival within a festival” known as the Cultural Focus for the 2015-2016 programming year. The goal of this program is to showcase a Pacific Northwest cultural community through special performances, panels, workshops, exhibitions, demonstrations, and activities that may extend through the 2016 Festival year. Programs may also include educational written materials for the annual program guide and Northwest Folklife’s website.

circle3This ‘Cultural Focus’ allows Northwest Folklife to connect in depth with the people that we serve, and empower their artistic expressions and cultural traditions. The Cultural Focus also allows Folklife’s audience and participants a closer look at a community by seeing how they sing, dance, and play, and learning about and even participating in their cultural practices.

A Cultural Focus “community” can fill a range of definitions. For instance, it may be one of ethnicity, national or regional origin; a community of practice (such as a dance type, singing style or instrument); an occupation; or more. A Cultural Focus community may be from anywhere in the world, as long as it has a significant representation here in the Pacific Northwest.

To view our past programs: CLICK HERE

We want your ideas for the Cultural Focus that will be offered every other festival year, starting with the 2016 Festival. Alternate years will be determined by our programming team in accordance with our strategic planning. This opportunity is only open to organizations and individuals who are submitting applications from within the Pacific Northwest region: WA, OR, Southern BC, Western MT, ID.

How To Apply:

 All proposals should be submitted on or before 5:00 p.m. on Monday, June 15th, 2015. Those interested may apply at any time, at no cost, by visiting our website at (Click on “Programs” under “Share Your Folklife”).

Proposals can be submitted to:

Northwest Folklife

Attn: Cultural Focus Proposal

305 Harrison Street

Seattle, WA 98109

Or emailed to: (Emailed proposals should be attachments in MS Word or PDF format.) For questions, call 206-684-4189 or email

If you prefer to fill out an application online, follow this link:

Proposal Questions:


1. Please provide your name, phone number, and email address, and tell us the best way to get in touch with you.


2. Please tell us about your idea for a Cultural Focus, including a description of the community that you represent.


3. Tell us what activities you propose to include to focus on your community (dance, artwork, musical showcases, etc).


4. Who would be in charge of the programming on behalf of your community? What role do they have in your community?


5. What does your group/organization do in your (neighborhood, cultural, ethnic, etc.) community? How will collaborating with Northwest Folklife on a Cultural Focus program enable your group/organization to better serve your community and benefit the public?


6. What involvement have you or your community had with Northwest Folklife in the past?


7. (Optional) If you have any weblinks that show what you do, please list them.


If you’re interested in submitting an idea for a cultural focus, but you’d like assistance, or for other questions call 206-684-7014 or email and ask for Programs Director, Kelli Faryar.