Purchasing Performer Recordings

This year Folklife performers with recordings will be selling CDs at their stages, during and after their performances. Look for the round umbrellas next to outdoor stages or tables at indoor venues. You can also find a link to buy recordings (if available) from their listing on our online schedule tool.

This year we are not offering a Folklife Store with performer recordings. Though the Folklife Store was appreciated by many, unfortunately it was just not financially viable for us. The sales from the CDs did not come close to breaking even with the expense of administering the store. As we faced a tighter budget this year, we decided our money was best used to sustain the number of stages and other amenities we offered at the Festival.

We want to do everything we can to support the hundreds of musicians who donate their performances to make this Festival great. We hope that you’ll help us in this by purchasing CDs at the stages or online after the Festival.

You can also make a donation to Folklife here, to help us maintain and expand the Festival we love.