Show Up! Get Down!

(Thanks to Tagoipah Mathno for this guest post! You can read about all the opportunities to dance at the 2013 Northwest Folklife Festival at our website,

Photo courtesy Tagoipah Mathno

What is a great way to meet new people and have fun? Throw a dance party! World Dance Party (WDP) was created for neighbors to interact and to celebrate diversity and culture over a potluck. Meant for everyone of all backgrounds and ages to come together. Several multicultural dances are being taught by volunteer community members, who might just be your neighbor! That’s it no other agenda. No fundraising. No Lectures. Just food and dancing and community. What could be better?

The idea for WDP surfaced at an Aging Your Way Gathering hosted by the Senior Services, and organization in Seattle. The event brought up the question of someone’s ideal community that they would like to grow old in. A response came up to have a huge multicultural dance party with everyone and with food of course. Thus WDP was born! We now have several events a year with about 250 people attending, sometimes more. Started off in the most diverse zip code in the nation 98118 in Rainer Valley now spreading to other neighborhoods like South Park and Shoreline.

Photo courtesy Tagoipah Mathno

If you want to see what the whole world would look like in one room come check us out at Northwest Folklife on May 25 from 1-3pm in the Armory.We will be teaching:

  • Hip Hop
  • Flamenco
  • Hora
  • Belly Dancing
  • Sliders
  • West African

Don’t worry — the dance instructions are meant for beginners. WDP holds very basic principles that everyone has fun, contributes and is accepted. Help us make this a great event by adding your presence by hitting the dance floor with a new friend!

WDP is collaborated effort by individuals and community based organizations. Our website is:  Check out our photos from past WDP events on our Facebook page at:

Photo courtesy Tagoipah Mathno