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FROM HOME TO HOME: Northwest Folklife Virtual Programming

In response to the ongoing pandemic, Northwest Folklife pivoted in the Spring of 2020 and introduced a new digital platform, From Home to Home, serving as a virtual platform to continue showcasing local artists and culture bearers, creating a space for cultural exchange and community connection. From Home to Home hosts all of Northwest Folklife’s programs, providing a space for our collective voice, arts, and traditions to be shared and celebrated.  

Launched in May 2020 with Northwest Folklife Festival, From Home to Home amplified the Festival to a global audience, reaching 86 countries for an estimated 40k viewers.  This past October From Home to Home featured Northwest Folklife's first virtual Seattle Children's Festival, offering family friendly performances, hands on activities, a virtual event passport and more.  As we look ahead to 2021 From Home to Home will expand to not only host events but become a greater resource and platform for a collection of ongoing content that encourages participation of audiences of all ages to discover, learn, connect, and create.

Sponsors of From Home to Home are able to connect with Northwest Folklife supporters and attendees and are featured during live broadcasts in a variety of ways.  Sponsor benefits can include program segments, commercials between performances, shoutouts and messaging from live emcees, social media campaigns, digital ads, e-blast messaging and much more!

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For nearly 50 years, Northwest Folklife has supported and collaborated with over 100 diverse cultural communities of the Pacific Northwest region to preserve, cultivate and share ‘living traditions’. Daily creativity, family traditions, community customs - folklife is a part of our daily lives. The US Library of Congress says ‘folklife’ is the everyday and intimate creativity that all of us share and pass onto the next generation.” Communities comprised through familial, occupational, religious, regional and shared commonalities, have enriched audiences throughout Northwest Folklife’s programs with a wide range of cultural and creative expressions. This includes customs and beliefs, food and cuisine, language, music and stories, art and crafts, dance and song. These customs and traditions are powerful expressions of community life, strengthening us as a community by connecting us to our roots, grounding us firmly in the present and supplying us with a sense of identity and purpose. 



May 28-31, 2021

Seattle Center | Seattle, WA

*In 2021 this event will be virtual, streaming at

Estimated Attendance: 235,000

Now in its 50th year, the annual Northwest Folklife Festival is the largest community-powered event of its kind.  With four days of programming, over 5,000 performers, 200+ vendors and over 20 venues/stages, there is something for everyone.



Northwest Folklife’s Our Big Neighborhood program provides opportunities for families to engage together in sharing and celebrating the vitality of folk, ethnic, traditional and evolving arts. Our Big Neighborhood brings together local communities to showcase and celebrate families of the Northwest, introducing children to new cultures and traditions through a variety of participatory performances, educational and hands-on programs. This multicultural, intergenerational program includes live performances and interactive workshops that are geared toward families and children of all ages.  

Expanding on the experiential, hands-on programming at Seattle Center, Our Big Neighborhood will move online with enrichment activities, educational materials and cultural workshops; strengthening young peoples' connection to their roots, communities, and traditions from within their homes and bolster their learning capacity in the virtual space. A series of online content will present a variety of topics and themes through storytelling, music, cooking and other participatory activities accompanied by educational resources offering teachers, families and caregivers new portals of discovery and an expanded experience to school lessons.

The goal is to develop a pilot program in 2021 that builds upon the correlation between the Our Big Neighborhood program and positive educational outcomes for students of all ages while building year round, continuous content. Our Big Neighborhood will continue to engage with cultural community partners to deliver programming to have a positive impact on children and families, provide early childhood cultural understanding, encourage families to stay active and learn together while building stronger communities. Our Big Neighborhood celebrates our roots, grounds ourselves in history, and builds a stronger future and foundation for young tradition bearers. 

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Seattle Children’s Festival

October 24-25, 2020, 2021 dates tbd

Seattle Center | Seattle, WA

Estimated Attendance: 3,000

Seattle Children’s Festival is a weekend celebration where families learn directly from our neighbors who pass on the songs, dances, and stories of their cultures. The event passport acts as a guide to travel the world through 2 main stages, 3 interactive workshop spaces, 2 Discovery Zones full of activities, and a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) Lab. Designed for kids 12 and under, there’s plenty to experience, ranging from hip-hop and folklórico dance to robots.


3rd Saturday of Every Month

*This program is on hold currently due to Covid-19

Crossroads Mall | Bellevue, WA

Northwest Folklife is now presenting its 8th annual Crossroads Cultural Arts Series at Crossroads Mall. These monthly cultural arts performances are family-friendly and showcase a variety of programming.



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