Take a chance on The Chance Brothers Band

(Thanks to Rob Witte for this guest blog! You can see the complete list of 2013 Festival performers at our website, www.nwfolklife.org/festival.) 

The Chance Brothers Band’s story begins with The Outriders, a critically acclaimed country/cowboy band that performed in several iterations until 2008. Bruce and Rob were both original members of the band.  The Outriders played a lot and grew and released a CD in 2004 that met with critical success.  The Outrider sound was largely defined by the three part harmonies of Tony Reed, Bruce Coe, and Rob Witte and Bruce’s stellar guitar playing.

In 2008, Tony died. Unfortunately, Bruce and Rob will not be singing harmony with Tony again in this life . . . and he is missed.  On the up side, Bruce and Rob hooked up again in June of 2011. It became clear pretty fast that the ole magic was still there. Both fellows can play bass and guitar. Both are at home on electric and acoustic instruments. Both can sing. Both are fanatic about “good balanced sound”.

In the purest form, The Chance Brothers Band is Bruce and Rob on acoustic guitars and upright bass. When the gig calls for something a little more lively, They contact their drummer and electrify. TCBB even plays with a 35 voice choir and a keyboardist when the occasion warrants it.

Take a chance on The Chance Brothers Band – you won’t be disappointed!

The Chance Brothers play Monday May 27, from 1:40pm – 2:10pm on the Alki Court Stage.