Thank You for A Wonderful Folklife Festival: Help Us Reach Our Donation Goal

Dear Friends and Supporters of Northwest Folklife,

THANK YOU! On behalf of Northwest Folklife, we want to extend our sincere and deep appreciation to all of you for generously sharing your art, culture, heritage, and traditions with all of us and each other, at the 47th annual Northwest Folklife Festival. We were graced with spectacular weather as the backdrop to all of your beautiful expressions of community.

From the thousands of dancers who joined arms with their neighbors in the Warren’s Roadhouse to singing voices raised in unity in the Cornish Courtyard; from the spiritual serenity of flutes to the thunderous drums from the Circle of Indigenous Peoples Celebration; whether it was an intimate story shared in the Folklife Café or playing in Our Big Neighborhood at the Discovery Zone – we are truly grateful for your presence.

Many hands (and feet, and voices, and hearts) gave countless hours, as well as immeasurable degrees of energy and passion to bring our 2018 Festival to life. This year’s Cultural Focus, Echoes of Aztlán and Beyond, was a true labor of love from the Cultural Focus Committee who have been working for the past three years to create a year-round menu of experiences to share the evolving culture and traditions of the Mexican/Chicana/o community of the region.

Thank you to the 113 Community Coordinators who worked tirelessly throughout the year to showcase their authentic reflections of themselves and their communities. Thank you to our many community partners who continue to be amazing ambassadors and contributors of our organization. And a special thank you to our volunteers, some of whom have been supporting the festival since its inception in 1972

This 47th Annual Northwest Folklife Festival was an incredible testament to our collective community power. Through your financial contributions we raised 85% of our goal. We so appreciate the many generous donations and are well on our way, but still need your support to reach the goal. If you, your family or friends enjoyed the weekend, and haven’t had a chance to donate yet, please make your best contribution possible! You could also make an additional gift to help us raise $50,000 more by June 11th. With your support, we will see this Festival into its 50th, 75th, and 100th year and for generations to come.

With warmest regards,

Reese & Kelli

Reese Tanimura, Managing Director

Kelli Faryar, Executive Artistic Director