Visual Arts

Don’t miss the many ways to experience Echoes of Aztlán and Beyond through visual arts and exhibitions.

Stories of Identity: Contemporary Chicano(a) artists of Seattle

Organized by local artist-curator Fulgencio Lazo, Stories of Identity features a mix of artists both up and coming and well established.  While visually and artistically diverse, all of the artists explore approach personal identity through the lens of the Chicano(a) experience in the Northwest. Featuring the works of Alfredo Arreguin, Arturo Artorez, Daniel Carrillo, Art Garcia, Gabriel Marquez, Jesus Mena, Marilyn Montufar, Jake Prendez, George Rodriguez, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Kristen Ramirez, and Ruben Trejo.

On display in the A/NT Gallery Friday – Monday 11 AM – 7 PM

Dia de Muertos Festival Presents: Tapete y Ofrenda

Inspired by sand paintings made in the public squares of Oaxaca for the Day of the Dead celebrations, this tapete designed by local artist Fulgencio Lazo will be on view in the Armory Court throughout the entire Festival. Installation will begin on Friday with help from the community.

Honor the memory of your loved ones at the Ofrenda, or community altar, organized by the Dia de Muertos festival. Traditional to the Mexican holiday of remembrance, altars provide a space to honor those who have passed and to provide offerings to them to show they haven’t been forgotten. To participate, bring a photo, note, or offering to add your story to the ever growing community altar.

On display in the Armory Court Friday – Monday

El Centro de la Raza Photographs

An organization grounded in the Latino community, El Centro de la Raza has been committed to bringing justice, empowerment, and freedom to all for nearly 50 years. Visit the powerful growth of this unique organization through historic photographs.

On display in the A/NT Gallery lobby Friday – Monday 11 AM – 7 PM