We Love our Dance Community

Lake City Contra Marathon/Photo by Michael Chandler

March 7 – March 10 is a very special time to a large number of Northwest Folklife devotees. The Cascade Promenade has become an annual tradition for the Northwest Contra Community as dancers take to halls along the I-5 corridor for four days of non-stop dance.

Two great benefits for Northwest Folklife took place during the Cascade Promenade this year. The Lake City 8th Annual Contra Marathon and the Portland Roadhouse Dance donated proceeds to support the mission of Folklife. On behalf of the board of directors, staff, and the greater community of Folklife lovers we’d like to say a giant THANK YOU to you for your support.

Contra dancers, callers, musicians, and organizers have long been a very important part of what keeps Folklife moving forward. Thank you for dedicating so much of your energy to creating, attending, and supporting these incredible events!

Northwest Folklife would also like to extend a great big thank you to NFDI and all who participated in the event at Cedar Valley Grange Hall on Saturday, March 9th. Your support and energy has been such an important part of Folklife over the years. Thank you for showing up to dance the night away to Scandinavian, International, Contra and English dance music and to show your support for Northwest Folklife.

We hope that you all are resting your feet after four days of non-stop dancing! Save up your energy, we’ve got even more for you in just a few short months at the 42nd  Annual Northwest Folklife Festival.

NFDI Benefit / Photo by Michael Chandler

NFDI Benefit / Photo by Michael Chandler

NFDI Benefit / Photo by Michael Chandler