What to See at Folklife #119: The Living Green Courtyard featuring Seattle Tilth

(Many thanks to Liza Burke of Seattle Tilth for this guest post! The Living Green Courtyard is your place at the Festival to learn more about sustainable businesses like Renewal by Anderson and Fungi Perfecti, and shop for green crafts. Take a look at all the 2013 Festival attractions now!)

Dig Into Composting and Gardening with Seattle Tilth

Puget Sound starts here. But where is here? “Here” is your yard, neighborhood, school and work place. Puget Sound starts where you are. Every drop of rain washes over the land, heading downhill over the surfaces, through the soil and into a stream that goes to Puget Sound. By the time it reaches the Sound, it has been polluted and the impact is devastating. Be we can improve the situation – 75% of all pollution in Puget Sound comes from runoff that starts in our neighborhoods.

While you’re enjoying Folklife, stop by Seattle Tilth’s booth and learn about composting at home and growing food organically – two great ways you can help keep our waterways healthy! We will have a worm bin for you to see full of red wriggler worms in action. Bring the kids to make a paper pot and plant a seed. Ask your gardening questions to our Garden Hotline educators. And let our Master Composter/Soil Builder volunteers teach you about various composting techniques that you can try at home. We will also have educational handouts and books for sale.

You might know Seattle Tilth from our classes on organic gardening, urban livestock and food preservation, our summer garden camps for kids, our volunteer training programs, our community learning gardens and farms or maybe you’ve been to one of our large community events. Stop by our booth and find out about the many opportunities for you to get involved with Seattle Tilth and createing a greener and more sustainable community.

The mission of Seattle Tilth is to inspire and educate people to safeguard our natural resources while building an equitable and sustainable local food system. We do this by teaching people about organic gardening, composting, water conservation, cooking and nutrition. We LOVE Folklife and can’t wait to see you there!