What to See at Folklife #487: English Country Dancing

(Thanks to Elinor Vandegrift for this guest post! Read about all our dance performances and opportunities at the Festival website, www.nwfolklife.org/festival.)

Here’s some information festivalgoers might enjoy about this year’s Scottish Country Dance.

We are part of the Seattle Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.  I am one of several teachers in the Branch.

The RSCDS is a worldwide society headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Society is in it’s 90th year. The Seattle branch is one of several hundred Branches around the world.  They aim to preserve the dance and music traditions of Scotland.

Scottish Country Dancing is the ballroom dancing of Scotland and as such has been practiced by all levels of society from the Laird to his servants! Queen Elizabeth II is the Patron of the Society.  She has always enjoyed dancing. In their summers at Balmoral Castle the Royal family and staff enjoy an annual Ghillies Ball.

Seattle is one of many Branches throughout North America and runs classes in the greater Seattle area. Our website has full information about classes and activities!