Your Question Answered: Can You Bring Pets to the Festival?

This is what you’re dog is up against. Photo by Ben Shaevitz.

We’ve gotten two inquiries about pets in the last week, so there’s probably more of you out there that are wondering:

Can I bring my pet to the Festival?

Because Folklife takes place in a public park, pets are technically allowed, but we do discourage bringing them to the Festival. The streets can be crowded and not everyone is comfortable around your dog or other pet, even if you believe them to be friendly. The crowded spaces can stress some animals out, especially if there are other dogs nearby. You also cannot enter indoor venues with any animals, so you’ll miss out on a lot of great activities.

Please seriously consider leaving your beloved pooch at home while you come to the grounds. If you plan to bring an exotic pet, like a bird or snake, you may be asked to leave.

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