Your Question Answered: Past Festival Attendance

Photo by Ben Shaevitz

A past Festival exhibitor ponders this one:

I was wondering what the attendance figures have been the last few years?

Great question! The answer is that last year’s attendance was around 250,000 people over the course of four days. While we don’t do an official count, we are able to estimate numbers based on counts made at individual venues and by the Seattle Police Department. We are also fortunate to have many returning staff members and volunteers, who can help contribute their impressions on whether a crowd was bigger or smaller than previous years. For example, 2010 was an outstanding year thanks to perfect weather (4 days of 75 degree sunshine!) that attracted record-breaking crowds upwards of 260,000 people. However, 2011 was a smaller turnout, thanks to a smattering of rainy days. Crowds were closer to 235,000 people.

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