Your Question Answered: Performing at the Festival

BOAT: photo by Piper Hanson

This question from Brendan is one we get all the time. He writes:

So..How does one person or band get booked at the Festival?

Northwest Folklife is a celebration of how traditions and cultural arts are kept alive in the Northwest. So, first of all, a band or performer must be based in the Northwest to perform at the Festival. Each year we have an online (or hard-copy, if you prefer) application for all prospective performers, bands, dancers, and storytellers. Once the application is filled out and submitted, we evaluate performers based on submitted samples, whether or not the group has performed in the Festival recently (we sometimes need to rotate performers in and out of the lineup to give everyone a chance to participate), and other scheduling factors.

The application goes live on September 1, and the deadline is December 15. If you are interested in performing at the 2014 Festival, I’d suggest you sign up for our eNews or like us on Facebook to be alerted to when the application goes up. You are still welcome to participate in the 2013 Festival as a busker, or by joining in one of our dances or singalongs.

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