Youth Residency Project

Próxima Generación: Youth Residency Project

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Project Overview:

Presented in conjunction with the 2018 Northwest Folklife Cultural Focus Echoes of Aztlán and Beyond: Mexican American and Chicana/o Roots in the Northwest, Northwest Folklife and Rainier Arts Center invite local artists (Target ages 13-18) to participate in an in-depth artist residency. This project is aimed at building an intentional experience for Mexican American and Chicana/o youth to envision a new future while amplifying and nurturing pride of heritage and community. Led by various culture bearers and established artists in the community, participants will be able to work on their craft while engaging with peers and working towards a collaborative vision and cumulative presentation.

Próxima Generación: Youth Residency Project will provide a space for youth artists, activists and culture bearers to collaborate, share ideas, and explore artistic expression. In collaborating on a shared goal and direction for this project, participants will form a strong alliance and connection that allows space for self-expression and a powerful sharing of those expressions as one voice.

The Residency will culminate with presentations for two, all access, no admission necessary events. First, at the Rainier Arts Center on May 17, 2018 and secondly, at the 47th annual Northwest Folklife Festival, May 25-28, 2018.

Time Commitment:

The group will meet every other Wednesday from 4:00-6:30pm at the Rainier Arts Center located in Columbia City. Each session will include group discussion lead by local cultural bearers and artists followed by studio time to devote to their individual artistic expressions. Snacks will be provided and a stipend for transportation available.

Project Manager:

The Residency will work with our chosen Project Manager, Seattle-based artist and Cultural Focus Committee member, Jake Prendez. Prendez was raised in Seattle but returned to California after receiving his Bachelor’s in American Ethnic Studies from the University of Washington to work on his Master’s in Chicana/o Studies from CSU Northridge. His Master’s thesis was entitled The Art of Rebellion: Social Justice and Chicano Visual Arts.

Jake is a strong advocate for youth empowerment and the power of positive reinforcement.  He grew up being told he didn’t matter. Jake Prendez is also a renowned visual artist, displaying his work in numerous exhibitions around the country. He was selected in summer 2016 to participate in the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures Leadership Institute. In 2017 he was named to the Northwest Folklife Cultural Focus Committee. He also won the “People Choice” award at the 2017 Fiestas Patrias Art Exhibition at the Seattle Center.  His artwork mainly focuses on themes relating to Chicana/o culture, activism, social justice, as well as pop culture and satire.   His artistic style ranges from indigenous influence, social realism, portraiture, tattoo/rockabilly esthetics, to colorful urban style art.

After living and working in Los Angeles for the past 15 years, Jake, returned to Seattle and is hosting the Pop Up Mercado, lecturing around the country, leading workshops and summer programs for youth in the arts. Learn more about Jake Prendez.


PROJECT PERIOD: January – June, 2018  

For more information, please contact:

Kelli Faryar                                                   Jake Prendez

Northwest Folklife                                          Project Manager                             




Próxima Generación: Proyecto De Residencia Artística Para Jóvenes 

Visión General Del Proyecto:

El enfoque cultural en el 2018 del Northwest Folklife Ecos de Aztlán y más allá: Comunidades Mexicano- Americano y Chicana/o en el Noroeste, en conjunto con Northwest Folklife y Rainier Arts Center, invita a artistas locales de 13 a 18 años, a participar en profundidad de una residencia artística. Este proyecto apunta a construir una experiencia diseñada para la juventud Mexicano y Chicana/o, con el propósito de visualizar un nuevo futuro desarrollando y nutriendo un orgullo por el patrimonio cultural y comunidad. Guiado por diversos portadores de cultura y artistas establecidos en la comunidad, los participantes podrán trabajar en su arte, y a la vez conectar con colegas enfocándose en una visión de colaboración y presentación colectiva.

Próxima Generación: Proyecto De Residencia Artística Para Jóvenes proveerá un espacio para jóvenes artistas, activistas y portadores de cultura, para colaborar, compartir ideas, y explorar la expresión artística. Colaborando en este proyecto con un objetivo y dirección en común, los participantes formarán una alianza fuerte y una conexión que abrirá espacio para la autoexpresión y la influencia poderosa que genera el compartir esas expresiones individuales como si fueran una sola voz.

La Residencia terminará con dos muestras. La primera muestra, en el Rainier Arts Center el 17 de Mayo del 2018 y la segunda, en el 47° Northwest Folklife Festival anual, del 25 al 28 de Mayo del 2018. El acceso será gratuito, sin necesidad de entradas para los eventos.

Horario establecido:

El grupo se reunirá Miércoles de por medio, desde las 16:00 hasta las 18:30 h en el Rainier Arts Center que se encuentra en Columbia City. Cada sesión incluirá un grupo de discusión guiado por portadores de cultura y artistas, seguido por un período de tiempo en el taller para que cada participante se dedique a su propia expresión artística. Se proveerán refrigerios y una compensación por transporte estará disponible.

PERÍODO DEL PROYECTO: De Enero a Junio del 2018

Para más información contactar:

Kelli Faryar                                                   Jake Prendez

Northwest Folklife                                          Project Manager